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Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) is a generic term for data link communications between pilots and air traffic controllers. You may also hear data link referred to as Future Air Navigation System (FANS) 1/A which, in addition to CPDLC, includes Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Contract (ADS-C).

This CPDLC general familiarization module is designed for pilots flying in aircraft with FANS 1/A avionics capability. The training is not specific to any aircraft type or avionics package. The module is based on two source documents: Global Operational Data Link Document (GOLD) and FAA Advisory Circular 120-70C – Operational Authorization Process for Use of Data Link Communication System. The module includes the human factors associated with data link communications and reports by pilots with lessons learned on how to prevent errors.

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  • General Information
  • ADS-C and CPDLC
  • Flight Planning
  • Departure Clearances (DCL)
  • Connecting with ATS
  • CPDLC Messages
  • Emergency
  • Europe-Specific Procedures
  • Pacific-Specific Procedures
  • AOC Messages
  • ADS-C




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  • CASA CAO 20.18 Appendix XI
  • EASA AMC 20-24
  • FAA Advisory Circular (AC) 90-114
  • FAA Operation Specification / Letter of Authorization A153
  • Hong Kong Airworthiness Notice 102F
  • Transport Canada AC No. 700-009